I had the privilege of being, along with Karen Green and Jeremy Dauber, one of the organizers of last weekend’s “Comic New York” two-day symposium at Columbia University. The weekend turned out even better than I dared hope. Thanks to everyone who participated and attended. Here’s a link to some great coverage and photos from Philip Turner, who was covering the event for Publishers Weekly, as well:

The PW version, with different photos by Jody Culkin and Calvin Reid:–s-low-library.html

Seeya later today (Sat) at Mike Carbo’s New York Comic Book Marketplace! Come say hi at my Artist Alley table. I’ll have copies of The Stan Lee Universe for sale. And Stan Lee is the con guest of honor, so if you can get to one of his autograph sessions, you might want to have him sign one:

More bloggin’ soon…!