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Here’s where you’ll find out all about the latest doings in the world of this longtime cultural critic, writer, editor, educator and commentator, best known for his longtime stint as editor of Marvel’s Spider-Man Comics line, and as Stan Lee’s biographer.

Danny’s newest book is JACK RUBY: THE MANY FACES OF OSWALD’S ASSASSIN, a gripping, deeply researched investigation into Ruby, a crucial figure in American history, whose violent assault on history—murdering accused JFK-assassin Lee Harvey Oswald on live TV on November 24, 1963—reverberates to the present day.

Why Jack Ruby did what he did is one of the biggest mysteries in the history of modern American politics. Danny brilliantly takes us through a dazzling array of twists, turns, and possible motivations, in all their labyrinthine complexity.

Danny is also the author of acclaimed books including A MARVELOUS LIFE: THE AMAZING STORY OF STAN LEE; SUPERMAN ON THE COUCH; DISGUISED AS CLARK KENT; THE ROUGH GUIDE TO GRAPHIC NOVELS. He’s the co-editor (with Roy Thomas) of THE STAN LEE UNIVERSE. And he’s co-author (with Mike Manley) of HOW TO CREATE COMICS FROM SCRIPT TO PRINT.

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