Study with Danny

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His classes at New York University, The New School, Media Bistro, and at The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art—and at the MiMaster Art Institute in Milan, Italy—are well known as instructive, inspirational, and highly enjoyable sessions where ideas are generated at a breakneck pace and students abilities flourish and grow!

Many of Danny’s students have gone on to successfully have their work published by a variety of publishers, as well as independently, and on the very Internet itself!

You can study with Danny in a variety of ways, live or online:


Danny teaches online writing classes of up to six students in a chat-room style setup, where lessons in specific aspects of the craft of comics writing are taught, and workshop-style critiques of students’ work are given by fellow students, as well, of course, as by Danny. Critiques are constructive and enlightening, intended to encourage improvement in style and content. NEW ONLINE COMICS& GN WRITING COURSE STARTS SOON!  


Danny has taught at The New School and NYU and at New York’s Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA).

[Announcements about Danny’s live classes will be made on this website as info becomes available.]


Study with Danny via e-mail and/or phone as he helps you bring your comics writing to the next level. Fee structures can be on an hourly or per-project basis, depending on the student’s long and short-term goals.

For more information about studying with Danny, email him at or click here.