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Danny has 1001 uses around the home and office. Some of them include:


Photo by Ian Fischer

Danny is an entertaining and informative speaker. He gives PowerPoint-accompanied talks on a wide variety of comics-related topics including:

  • The History of the Superhero
  • The Psychology of the Superhero
  • Jews and the Creation of the Superhero
  • The Life and Career of important comics creators including: Will Eisner, Al Jaffee, Harvey Pekar, etc.
  • The interrelation, similarities, and differences between comics and movies in terms of technique and/or story
  • How to write comics and graphic novels

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An experienced, entertaining and popular teacher and instructor, Danny is available to teach short or long term courses at your college, high school, community center, adult education program, etc. Topics include:

  • Writing comics and graphic novels
  • Comics history
  • Comics as literature
  • How to create memorable characters

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An accomplished writer of comics and prose, as well as insightful articles and books on popular culture, Danny is available to write:

  • Articles on comics and related popular culture media (movies, TV, animation)
  • Books on comics and graphic novels
  • How-to books on comics-making
  • Reviews of comics and graphic novels
  • Reviews of books about comics and graphic novels
  • Scripts for comics and graphic novels
  • Script-doctoring for comics, animation, and movies (documentary and narrative)
  • Introductions/forewords to books on comics and on popular culture in general

Danny is also available as a ghost writer for your project.

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Editing (and Art Direction)

As an editor of comics and prose with many years of experience with top-selling publications, including Marvel’s Spider-Man, Danny’s expertise is not only in text, but also in giving advice and critiques on how the art and text in a comics story are (or aren’t) functioning together. Danny’s editorial services include:

  • Editing comics and/or prose for publishing companies
  • Editing writers’ and artists’ comics/graphic novel, script, screenplay, or prose in preparation for submission to a publisher
  • Editing website’s text, evaluating how it functions in relation to the visual component

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Danny (who created the PowerPoint Pekar presentation behind them) interviews comics great Harvey Pekar at The YIVO Institute in 2009. (Photo by Karen Green)

Danny, Paul Levitz, and Richard Reynolds at the writers panel that was part of the Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2008.

In addition to the above, Danny is available for long and short term consulting projects, including, but by no means limited to:

  • Brainstorming ideas for characters and stories across media platforms
  • Conceptualizing new products in entertainment-related media
  • Planning, organizing, and/or supervising comics-related events
  • Appearing on expert panels as panelist and/or moderator
  • Recruiting, staffing, and supervising editorial and writing teams for media projects and companies
  • Research and development for media projects

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